Klostermann Automotive Safety Engineering Services (KASES)

KASES helps vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of safety relevant electronic systems to meet the latest functional safety standards.

KASES can help you with (read more>>):

  • Compliance to functional safety standard(s) in your acquisition phase.
  • Functional safety management at organizational level.
  • Functional safety management in projects.
  • Training and coaching of the required skills.
  • Independent audits, reviews and assessments.

Functional safety is increasingly important for many types of vehicles (read More >>).

Why does the industry need help?

  • Because safety engineering expertise is insufficient.
  • To assess objectively which processes/methods/tools must be adjusted.
  • Because independent audits and assessments are required (read More >>).
  • Because creation of a "Safety Culture" requires training and coaching of your staff.

If you are interested please contact Anton Klostermann Msc, +31 6 27073361, E-mail: anton@kases.nl